Sriracha Everywhere



Sriracha sauce, pronounced shree-ra-cha, has a bit of a cult following it seems. People are obsessed with this stuff! So obsessed that there’s now a documentary out. It’s insightful and very well done – it really gives you the full picture of the “Sriracha culture” and the history behind the product.

Sriracha The Movie (2013) – Trailer


Sriracha has become a household name – you can find it everywhere (you can even spot bottles of the stuff on the International Space Station), which is pretty amazing considering that it uses no advertising and its online presence was created by its fans.


Can you believe you can even get Sriracha ice cream sandwiches, jam and lollipops? What’s next?


6 thoughts on “Sriracha Everywhere

  1. I LOVE Sriracha and went through a bit of a panicked state when I couldn’t find it at my local grocer in Brisbane but I spent a day searching for it in the smaller shops in Chinatown and now know where I can get it if supply runs low. I put it on everything. Speaking of which … I think I’m running low. Time to run to the shop!

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