Funny + Intelligent = “Fat Head”



“Fat Head” is a comedic and intelligent rebuttal to “Super Size Me”. In case you haven’t seen “Super Size Me”, Morgan Spurlock, the creator, decides to eat three meals from McDonald’s for 30 days. This ultimately causes him to suffer serious health problems as well as gain 25 pounds. His main thesis is fast food is the cause of obesity in America. Tom Naughton, creator of “Fat Head”, debunks this theory.

Fat Head (2009) – Trailer


I really liked “Super Size Me”, but after watching “Fat Head”, I was left scratching my head as to how or why I even took it seriously. I want you to watch it, so I’m not going to give away all the good stuff.

The editing was very well done and added additional humour to the already funny narrator. I especially liked the short cartoon on the CSPI guy.

That’s all great, but why exactly is it called Fat Head? Read my post – “Fat Head Explained” to find out.


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