Treat Yo Self to Some Smooth Rum



You can still have a treat while living a healthy lifestyle. My treat is rum.

I recently checked out a new restaurant that opened in downtown Toronto called Rhum Corner. They have a fantastic selection of rum from the West Indies. They offer 12 varieties for Guyana alone. Served neat with a side of ice, you can smell the deliciousness with every sip. These rums go down smooth, and give your tummy that nice warmth that comes in handy this time of year.

My particular favourites were Plantation and Rum Nation. Plantation has a warm flowery sweetness to it, while Rum Nation has a bit of a kick with hints of orange.

Check out Rhum Corner at



2 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self to Some Smooth Rum

  1. I know they say clear liquor has less calories and less chance of a hangover… I guess I’ll have to see if these rums are going to be trouble in the morning.

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