I Want Healthy Ice Cream!



You can satisfy that relentless ice cream craving with…yogurt.  Disappointed? Although yogurt can’t give you the same creamy sweetness that ice cream can, it will help to:

  • keep your digestive tract healthy
  • reduce risk of high blood pressure
  • prevent osteoporosis

Things ice cream can definitely not do.

Yogurt has such health powers because it’s made using active good bacteria (probiotics). We all need good bacteria in our system, especially in our digestive tracts. It also uses milk, not cream.

Source: http://bit.ly/1kQ2VVN


4 thoughts on “I Want Healthy Ice Cream!

  1. I agree that yogurt is a good replacement for ice cream. There’s also so many flavours now…many mimic actual desserts–and taste like them too! Yet even these sweet yogurt options are still a healthier choice than ice cream.

  2. ..if only the weather would co-operate so taking a moment to have frozen yogurt can be enjoyed that much more. Any idea what the best places are in Toronto for frozen yogurt is?

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