Separated at Birth



It’s a bit astounding and a bit freaky just how much I have in common with famous soccer player, Dwayne De Rosario. We’re both Guyanese-Canadian and raised in Scarborough for starters – not that unique considering Scarborough has a big West Indian community. We both grew up in a home filled with the sweet reggae sounds of Dennis Brown and Bob Marley, which again is nothing extraordinary coming from a West Indian background. Now here’s the freaky similarity, we both have a dad named Tony and an older brother named Paul. Crazy, right? Maybe not. Though, the most important similarity is the fact that we’re both trying to uphold a healthy lifestyle, while still enjoying the foods of our West Indian culture.

DeRo shares his healthy West Indian recipes via Twitter, which clearly seem to be keeping him fit. Follow him @dwaynederosario if you’re looking for more unique recipe ideas.


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