Healthy Meats



When cooked right, oxtail and goat are fall-off-the-bone deliciousness for your mouth. How can something that tastes so right be so wrong?

Why is red meat so bad for you?

Red meat is rich with saturated fat, which can lead to high cholesterol, heart disease and type 2 diabetes when consumed in excessive amounts according to the Mayo Clinic. With that said, you can still enjoy red meat but make sure you consider it a treat rather than a norm in your diet.

What is considered red meat?

  • goat
  • mutton
  • lamb
  • ox
  • beef
  • veal
  • pork

What are healthy lean meats?

  • turkey
  • chicken

6 thoughts on “Healthy Meats

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    You may be interested to know that a review by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health “found no evidence that overall consumption of saturated fat was related to risk of coronary heart disease or stroke events.” Here’s the summary:

    Also, there’s a difference between eating fresh meat vs. processed meat — fresh being better. If half your plate is covered in vegetables, then a small portion of meat is ok. Food for thought 🙂

    – Zannat @food4happiness

    • Hi Zeenat,
      Thanks for the comment. In my post, I didn’t claim that simply eating red meat is bad for you; I stated excessive consumption is. Also, I’m aware that fresh meat is better than processed meat. I think by now that’s common knowledge. It’s always great to get new knowledge, so thanks for the link.

  2. I am reading this as I am about to enter into a post-red-meat-for-supper-coma…tehe! I have NEVER tried ox meat, but I have to say…I’m intrigued. By the way — do you draw all of your own photos? They are so cute! haha

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